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Many helpful foreclosure avoidance programs and options are available, but not every option is the right choice for every homeowner. You need to talk to a housing counselor or a lawyer to determine best course of action for your unique situation. You may be eligible for free legal help if your income is not more than 250% of the federal poverty level.

Options for Legal Assistance

Sometimes a homeowner needs legal help from a lawyer. Lawyers can help with problems such as the death of a homeowner, mortgage issues that come up as the result of a divorce, debt collection and bankruptcy.

Legal Services Alabama

Legal Services Alabama is a statewide nonprofit law firm that has attorneys on staff who may be able to help you with your legal problem.

Telephone: 866-456-4995 | Website:

Volunteer Lawyers Programs

Lawyers are available through pro bono programs; pro bono means “free of charge.” Rule 6.1 of the Alabama Rules of Disciplinary Procedure for lawyers states that lawyers should help provide access to the judicial system to citizens who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. One way lawyers meet this responsibility is through Volunteer Lawyers Programs (VLPs). Alabama’s VLPs serve different parts of the state. They are listed below:

Alabama State Bar Volunteer Lawyers Program

Provides legal help to people in all counties of Alabama EXCEPT Baldwin, Clarke, Madison, Mobile, Jefferson, Montgomery or Washington.

Telephone: 334-517-2230
Birmingham Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program

Provides legal help to people who live in Birmingham, or whose legal problem is in the Birmingham metropolitan area.

Telephone: 205-250-5198 | Website:
Madison County Volunteer Lawyers Program

Provides legal help to people who live in Madison County, or whose legal problem is in Madison County.

Telephone: 256-539-2275 | Website:
Montgomery County Bar Foundation Volunteer Lawyers Program

Provides legal help to people who live in Montgomery County, or whose legal problem is in Montgomery County.

Telephone: 334-265-0222, ext. 2 | Website:
South Alabama Volunteer Lawyers Program

Provides legal help to people who live in Mobile, Baldwin, Washington or Clarke Counties, or whose legal problem is in one of these counties.

Telephone: 251-438-1102 | Website:

Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution

Contact: 334-269-0409

Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation

The Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution sponsors a program that allows specially-trained mediators to assist Alabama citizens with foreclosure and mortgage problems by mediating between the homeowner and the mortgage holder. The center will pay the cost of the mediators to mediate homeownership issues allowing homeowners to resolve their problems at no cost.

Mortgage modification mediation is a confidential and voluntary process where you and the servicer may discuss ways to resolve your homeowner issues with an impartial third party called a mediator. Mediation can be an effective intervention tool particularly when used early.

The ideal situation is for the homeowner and the servicer to communicate on their own, but talking to a servicer can be intimidating, overwhelming or confusing. When communication is difficult or has broken down, this is a time to use mediation.

Mediation can occur any time really, but the best time is pre-foreclosure within the first 90 days after the first missed payment. As of January 14th, 2014, there are new national servicing guidelines setting forth timelines in which both the homeowner/borrower and the servicer must act.

Whether you have a housing counselor, a lawyer, or are on your own, you can ask your servicer, the person who is receiving your mortgage payments, to participate in mediation. Most servicers are incentivized to participate in these types of programs. You (or your lawyer) may call the Center and request referral to a mediator.

If you are post-foreclosure in the circuit court or appellate court you may request mortgage modification mediation. You may also request mediation in bankruptcy court as well.